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Prepare for Development Challenges With Our Solutions

The development consultants at Tempe, Arizona-based Red Mountain Engineering provide services that encompass all phases of the development process.  Our land surveyors and engineers are experts in a variety of site planning and administration services.  We are versatile, regardless of your project parameters, and can help you make the right decisions with confidence.  Let us assist you by creating a strategic development and implementation plan so you can hit the ground running.  See how you can benefit from our strategic approach to construction management and development, civil engineering, and land surveying.  Contact us to learn more about how we facilitate development success.

Surveying Equipment

Civil Engineering

We offer the very best in civil engineering services to help create sustainable and economically responsible developments that meet your needs.  Our team places importance on conserving and protecting environmental quality and natural resources for future generations.

Land Surveying

Consider us as your all-in-one solution through all phases of the development process. We provide such services as:

• Site Evaluation & Acquisition
• Site Planning & Design
• Construction Staking
• Construction Administration

Site Acquisitions & Planning

Ensure a timely and cost-effective acquisition with our help.  We assist with American Land Title Association (A.L.T.A.) surveys, designing topographic surveys, and implementing project coordination, in addition to:

• Site Feasibility
• Due Diligence Studies
• Grading & Drainage Studies
• Site Planning
• Entitlements
• Legal Descriptions
• Construction Cost Estimating
• Water & Sewer Resource Planning
• Lotting Analysis
• 3-D Visualization
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Construction Documents

Leave it to Red Mountain Engineering to manage all of the necessary documents for your development project.  We take care of:

• Site Paving Plans
• Grading & Drainage Plans
• Street Improvement Plans
• Water Plans
• Sewer Plans
• Fire Line Plans
• Horizontal Control Plans
• Subdivision Plats
• Landscape Backgrounds
• Utilities Coordination
• Engineer's Cost Estimates
• Specifications

Competitive Rates

We deliver high-quality work at very competitive prices.  Get in touch with our associates for an estimate and allow Red Mountain Engineering the opportunity to deliver beyond your expectations.